He's Not Here... He Is Risen by Stephen Ray Nichols
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He's Not Here... He Is Risen
by Stephen Ray Nichols 
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Song List
1.  He's Not Here  Stephen Ray Nichols
2.  I'll Plead the Blood  Stephen Ray Nichols
3. To Serve His Is All That I need  Jeffrey Andler
4.  When Moses Went Down To the Mountain Grace Southwick / Stephen Ray Nichols
5.  Wonderful Peace  Cornell / Cooper
6.  My Walking Shoes  Stephen Ray Nichols
7.  The Hem of His Garment Touched Me  Grace Southwick
8.  Looking Through His Eyes  Mike Otto
9.  My Dearest Friend  Stephen Ray Nichols
10. Nothing But the Blood  Robert 

Album Dedication
To the memory of Grace Southwick, who before dying with cancer, challenged me to write and sing for the Lord.  A special thanks to the people of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Jackson, California, who backed this project with prayer and financial support.   I would also like to thank my wife, Jeanne, for her love and encouragement.

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